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The Statue of Beethoven at Munster Plaza
Besides the Beethoven-related facilities ubiquitous in the city, this bronze statue also seems to be a symbol of Bon, which has lost the function as the former capital of West Germany.

Until the Erection in 1845
1794 The left part of Rhein including Bon was dominated by France.
1814 The French Army retreated to counter the Prussian Army in Waterloo.
1815 After Vienna Congress, Prussia restored the left part of Rhein.
1818 Friedrich Wilhelm University, which is currently Bon University, was founded.
1825 Ferdinand Ries conducted the Ninth Symphony in Aachen.
1826 Karl Brandenstein became the professor of music for the first time in Germany.
1827 Beethoven died. Volunteers in Bon proposed erecting his monument.
1835 The Beethoven Association was founded. The committee for erecting the monument was set up. Schlegel became the chairperson.
1838 The chairperson Brandenstein unveiled the fund shortage and solicited contributions.
1840 Franz Liszt offered to help raise funds by European concert tours.
1841 They began publicly soliciting drafts and models of the monument. As a result, 25 works was gathered.
1845 Hahnel's plan was selected. The work was completed on June 20th in Nuremberg. The unveiling ceremony was held on August 11th, which heralded the three-day music festival.
Inspired by "Beethoven Kenkyu" iissued in 1985 by Shunjushaj

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