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Beethoven World Japan
1770 Born on Dec.16th in Bonn, Germany UK enters the era of Industrial Revolution about this time.  
1773 Louis XY ascends the throne in France. Goethe authors "The Sorrows of Young Werther". Genpaku Sugita authors "Kaitai Shinsho".(First anatomical study in Japan)
1778 Goes to Cologne with Father. First public concert on March 26 Death of Rousseau. Death of Voltaire  
1779 Spain proclaimes war against England  
1781 Goes to Holland for concert tour with Mother. Has Neefe as teacher. Kant authors "Critique of Pure Reason". Great Fire destroys Edo city. "Massive Starvation of Tenmei" strikes Japan.
1782 Beginning of friendship with Wegeler and the Breuning family
1783 The War of American Independence ends, followed by the Treaty of Versailles Great Eruption of Mt.Asama
1784 Becomes the court organist
1787 Goes to Vienna. Meeting with Mozart. Mother dies. Enactment of American Constitution Sadanobu Matsudaira begins "Kansei Era Reform".
1788 Kant authors "Critique of Practical Reason".  
1789 Destruction of Bastille. French Revolution begins. Declaration of Human Rights by National Assembly.  
1790 Haydn visits Bonn en route. Meeting with Haydn.   "Kansei Igaku no Kin" issued. (Banning foreign studies. Academic control for restoration of official "Shushigaku")
1792 Goes to Vienna to have lessons with Haydn. Father dies. Declaration of First French Republic. War outbreaks between Austria and France. LeopoldUdies. FrantzTascends throne.  
1793 Lessons with Salieri and Schenk Excecution of Louis XY and Marie-Antoinette  
1794 Lodges with Prince Lichnowsky. Leaves for Prague for concert tour.
1795 First public concert in Vienna on March 29.
1796 Concert tour with Prince Lichnowsky to Berlin, Dresden, Prague Napoleon defeats Austria and Italia  
1798 Napoleon's expedition to Egypt Nelson defeats French fleet  
1799 Gives piano lessons to Therese and Josephine Napoleon becomes First Consul.  
1800 Premiere of First Symphony at palace theater, conducted by himself Napoleon's second expedition to Italy. Jefferson becomes third American president-elect.  
1801 Devotes Piano Sonata "Moonlight" to Giulietta.
1802 Writes Heiligenstadt Testament Peace of Amiens between France and England. Goethe authors "Faust".  
1804 Scraps dedication of Third Symphony "Eroica" to Napoleon after he proclaims himself Emperor. Napoleon proclaims himself Emperor.  
1808 Releases Fifth Symphony
Releases Sixth Symphony "Pastoral"
Ban on slave import in America Rinzo Mamiya explores Karafuto.
1809 Napoleon's capture of Vienna, followed by conquest of Austria.  
1810 Foundation of Berlin University  
1812 Meeting with Goethe Napoleon's unsuccessful expediton to Moscow  
1814 Highly successful Opera "Fidelio" concert Napoleon exiled to Elba island. Vienna congress convened. Stephenson invents steam locomotive.  
1815 Battle of Waterloo Genpaku Sugita authors "Rangaku Kotohajime".(Memoirs over his Western studies)
1816 Godfathers nephew Karl Rossellini writes "Barber of Seville".  
1818   Englishman Gordon arrives Uraga, demanding open trade.
1822 Schubert writes "Unfinished".  
1824 Highly successful Ninth Symphony "Choral" and Missa Solemnis
1825 NicolaiTascends the throne in Russia. Enactment of "Ikokusen Uchiharai Rei" (Order to attack foreign ships except for Holland and Qing)
1826 Karl attempts suicide. Foundation of London University  
1827 Attended by many friends, dies on March 28   Rai Sanyou authors "Nihon Gaishi". (Grand Japanese history books)
This Chronology is inspired by "Gakushu Manga Jinbutsukan Beethoven"(Shogakukan 1997) and "Beethoven"(Obunsha 1966)

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