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Renaik Saturday Salon Concert
@We hold a monthly salon concert "Classic yet New Beethoven" on the seventh floor of the Renaik building in Kasugai city of Aichi prefecture. In this piano space, we enjoy not only listening to music, but also learning various topics. We lively exchange opinions during the coffee break. We give a hearty welcome for your coming !

Next Concert Schedule

It is finished with the 50 times of commemorative performances.

How to Buy a Ticket
@Postal transfer is available. It can be made to PFA through account No.00100-7-574095. Please write the number of tickets in the space for correspondence. Payment has to be completed at least 10 days before the concert. You can buy a ticket at the administration office on the seventh floor of the Renaik building. A ticket is also available on the day of the concert.
For more information, please email us.@>>> MAIL

Renaik 7F, 1-3330 matsushinmachi,kasugaishi, Aichi-ken
The Ranaik building is near Kachikawa station. It will take 17 minutes from
Nagoya station by the Kaisoku (rapid) train on Chuo line. It would be better
for you to use public transportation.

The map is here. >>> <l`o>

About Concert Salon
@The Renaik building refurbished its Hi-vision theater on the seventh floor as "Concert Salon" by introducing the grand piano. On January 18th, 2003, the unveiling ceremony was held. From then on, the regular salon concert "Classic yet New Beethoven" is held on the third or fourth Saturday every month except for August. Concert Salon is also used for our piano school "Piano College" and a regular piano recital of its child students. Thanks to the reputation that it is not too spacious, the use for the public concert and recital is becoming more frequent. The room was designed by Masami Toyoshima, who was the designer of the Abbey Road studio in London which was famous as the Beatles' main studio. He is now active worldwide as an acoustic producer in global demand.

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